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Oral Roberts’ Gay Grandson wants to bring the Gay Agenda to Fresno?


“Oral Roberts gay grandson Randy Roberts Potts is bringing the gay agenda to conservative towns all across America. Roberts writes,

The Gay Agenda is performance art designed to foster love and acceptance.

“The Gay Agenda” is a direct community action designed for mid-​size conservative towns across the U.S. To present a clear image of what gay domesticity looks like, we will set up a “home” in each town inside a borrowed storefront. Two men or two women will inhabit the space as a couple for several days at a time, the occupants performing routine tasks: vacuuming the carpet, making coffee, reading the paper, playing cards with friends, ordering pizza, watching TV, etc.. No intimacy beyond what might be acceptable for any heterosexual couple in public will be presented; ie, it will be limited to casual contact — hand-​holding, an arm around each other, a casual kiss hello/​goodbye, etc.


The first performance will be in Dallas, on Oct. 28th, beginning at 7 pm. Randy Roberts Potts and Keaton Johnson will perform the two roles.

Photographer/​visual consultant: Ange Fitzgerald, Videographer: Danny McCullough (of Cottonopolis Films)

The first performance of The Gay Agenda will be in Dallas on Friday, Oct. 28.

Potts and his merry band of radical homosexual activists (I wanted to be the first to say it — you know someone on the Right will!) want to know what conservative town you’d like them to visit next. Top choices on their poll include Paducah, Kentucky, Oklahoma City, Jackson, Mississippi, and Raleigh, North Carolina. (I’d vote for the last one — North Carolina needs some help right now…)

Randy Roberts Potts has been interviewed by recently-​out and now openly-​gay CNN anchor Don Lemon, has made an awesome It Gets Better video, and delivered an excellent sermon during which he discussed his relationship with his former wife, his gay uncle who, sadly, was not out and died by suicide, and his televangelist and extremely anti-​gay grandfather, Oral Roberts.

The Gay Agenda sounds absolutely awesome for its simplicity and its message.

You can follow The Gay Agenda on Twitter and visit their Facebook page.”

ME AGAIN: Fresno is one of the choices available on their Facebook page, but so far only has two votes…

Their Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/thegaygayagenda


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